There are two ways to use hydrogen energy

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There are two ways to use hydrogen as energy. One is to use a fuel cell to produce electricity like a hydrogen car, and the other is to burn hydrogen with a turbine, such as a hydrogen power plant.
A few years ago, hydrogen-powered vehicles (fuel cell vehicles / FCVs) were called “ultimate eco-cars” and were touted. The “fuel cell” is a device that chemically reacts hydrogen and oxygen. The basic structure is that the energy generated when the hydrogen in the tank chemically reacts with the oxygen in the air causes electricity to be generated, and the electricity drives the motor to drive the car. The only thing that is discharged is water. Since the parts other than the fuel cell are the same as the electric vehicle (EV), it is distinguished that the EV equipped with the fuel cell instead of the battery is a hydrogen vehicle.

In addition to hydrogen vehicles, this type of fuel cell is called “stationary type” and is used in cogeneration systems for homes and buildings. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced in March 2017 that it will be installed in the Olympic Village and Paralympic Olympic Village, but the maximum output is 5 kW (200 kW).
On the other hand, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of kW class “hydrogen power plants” that can supply electricity to the entire region are different from fuel cells, and heavy oil, coal and LNG (liquefied natural gas) are used in thermal power plants. Instead of burning), electricity is generated by using hydrogen as fuel.
In “hydrogen power generation,” hydrogen itself is burned to cause a vigorous chemical reaction with oxygen in the air, and that energy is used to turn a turbine to extract electrical energy. Since the principle is the same as that of conventional thermal power generators, it is possible to “mix and burn” in which hydrogen and LNG, hydrogen and coal, and other fuels are burned together.

However, this method is not new. A certain amount of hydrogen is contained in fossil fuel heavy oil, coal, and LNG, and it is burned with carbon and oxygen at a thermal power plant to extract energy, and liquefied hydrogen fuel is the propulsion force of the Apollo Saturn rocket. It was also used for and sent humans to the moon.