World’s first hydrogen cogeneration system

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World's first hydrogen cogeneration system

Hydrogen can be used for various purposes such as power generation using gas turbines and fuel cell vehicles, and does not emit CO2 when used as energy. NEDO is developing the technology necessary to build a full-scale supply chain and establish an energy supply system in order to promote the utilization of hydrogen.

In this NEDO project, grant recipients Obayashi Corporation and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. will start the world’s first demonstration test of a system that supplies heat and electricity using hydrogen as fuel to neighboring facilities in urban areas.

On December 10, the two companies completed a demonstration plant of the 1 MW class hydrogen gas turbine power generation facility “hydrogen cogeneration system (hydrogen CGS)” in the Port Island area of ​​Japan. The developed hydrogen CGS can use only hydrogen as a fuel (exclusive combustion) or a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas in any proportion (mixed combustion). We will verify combustion stability and operability through verification tests.

In the demonstration test, the heat (steam) and electricity generated from hydrogen CGS will be supplied to four nearby facilities (Port Island Sports Center, Kobe International Exhibition Center, Sewage Treatment Plant, and Central Citizens Hospital), thereby providing Check the operability of the optimal control system for energy. Integrated energy management system developed for comprehensive control of “hydrogen” and “natural gas” used as fuel, “heat” and “electricity” used in the community, and optimal control from the economical and environmental viewpoints Verify (integrated EMS).

Source:New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization