Phase Ⅰ- 44MW AC SOLAR POWER  and phase Ⅱ – 16MW AC SOLAR POWER in General Santos


The total 60MW (AC) Solar Project is based on the issued SESC’s issued on August 29, 2017 which consist of SESC No.
2017-05-388 for Phase I – 44MW (AC) in Barangay Mabuhay with a land size of 72.7819 hectares and SESC No. 2017-05-389 for
Phase II – 16MW (AC) in Barangay Conel with a space of 30.0789 hectares both are located in General Santos City, Philippines. Its
designated proposed substations having distances of 677 m for Phase I and 2.72 km for Phase II to connect to NGCP 350MW Substation in
Klinan, Barangay Mabuhay. It has a perfect irradiation output with an annual average solar irradiation of 5.03kWh/m2/d and with an average
annual wind speed of 5mph SSW or 3.1m/s having an average annual air temperature on earth surface of 28°C and is a typhoon free. Its
overall landscape possessed an inherent advantageous land profile with 123.5 meters high above sea level and gradual slopes down to
101 meters for Phase I and 80 meters high and 68 meters lowest for Phase II having a widely open and spacious flat terrain with a best
option for expansion in the future.

This project has a conservative estimated annual average power output of 88,152,000kWh at 82.5% Performance Ration for
25 years operation which provides power consumption of 120,000 families about 594,446 constituents. The power plant will service great
contribution to the increasing population and industries of General Santos City towards the growing neighboring cities and municipalities in
the region. Its installation of total 60MWp capacity is to be connected to the NGCP grid 69kV or 138kV Bay. The construction period is
within 8 months including 2 months pre-development stage having a project life span of 25 years.